Solar PV Aluminum Groud Mounting System Screw

AL-Ground mounting system is made of 100% aluminum to mount on concrete strip foundations or ground screws. Itis featured with light weight, strong structure, and recyclable material. Wanhos solar AL-Ground Mounting System, with pre-assembled beam, the size of the legs and the B-Rail is manufactured in the factory avoid welding and cut on the spot, saving your time and cost Our mission is to simplify your installation and ensure the structure safety. Wanhos Solar your best choice.

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Solar PV Aluminum Groud Mounting System Screw Foundation




Al- Gound Mounting system

The solar photovoltaic frame designed by aluminum material is widely used in the photovoltaic industry. The main advantages are low price, good rust resistance, firm structure, light weight, convenient packaging and transportation.




lnstall SiteGround of open field
Tilt Angle10deg-60deg
Building HeightUp to 20m
Max Wind SpeedUp to 60m/s
Snow LoadUp to1.4KN/m2
standardsAS/NZS 1170 & DIN 1055 & Other
MaterialAluminum alloy & Stainless steel
WarrantyTen years warranty
DuratiomMore than 20 years









What is the use of solar aluminum alloy photovoltaic support?

1. The use of solar aluminum alloy photovoltaic support.

In general, solar aluminum alloy photovoltaic brackets are special brackets specially designed and developed for the placement, installation and fixing of solar panels required in many solar photovoltaic power generation systems; in general, these photovoltaic brackets are not only aluminum alloy materials, but also More stainless steel equipment.

2, solar aluminum alloy photovoltaic support is divided into several.

Solar aluminum alloy photovoltaic brackets can be divided into ground supports, flat roof supports, adjustable angle roof supports, inclined roof supports and column supports.

Finally, relevant people in the industry told you that in order to make the solar aluminum alloy photovoltaic support play a better role, the majority of users should choose the geographical, climate and solar resource conditions of the construction site when selecting the type to ensure that the solar module can be oriented. Direction and arrangement.


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