Connection/Aluminum Solar Splice Kit

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The winners of the Red Dot Design Award 2019, one of the most prestigious contests in the world of design, have been awarded in Essen, Germany. In the category of product design, the “Best of the Best” award was given to the British 话题标签#Teslasuit , a unique costume for the most complete immersion in virtual reality, the industrial partner of which is the Ukrainian company 话题标签#DTEK. In addition, thanks to DTEK, for the first time ever, Teslasuit was introduced in 话题标签#Ukraine to the work of the energy industry.

Teslasuit is a unique technology with anthe integrated haptic feedback technology, motion capture, biometric feedback system. Initially, the costume was created primarily for entertainment and gaming industry.

DTEK and Teslasuit integrated a suit into a VR course for employee training: the first pilot project was launched at the Kurakhovska TPP. Beginners can now study and practice their work in a precisely reconstructed virtual power plant environment, without any danger to their health or equipment. But the prospects are much broader than a single power plant: there are plans to implement the costume in other businesses of the company, expanding the possibilities of its use.

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