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Digital inclusion: Technology should not be for the few, but for the many. However, there is still a long way to go to make this a reality. According to GSMA, 66% of the world's households remain unconnected, and nearly four billion people around the world have no Internet access. On top of that, more than two billion people around the world lack reliable mobile broadband service. Huawei feels that it has a responsibility towards unconnected communities. Therefore, Huawei has launched its global digital inclusion initiative, TECH4ALL.

Security and trustworthiness: A fully connected, intelligent world is built upon security and trustworthiness. Huawei has made cyber security and privacy protection its top priorities. Within the next five years, Huawei will be investing US$2 billion in enhancing its software engineering capabilities, to better respond to the cyber security and privacy challenges that are affecting the entire industry.

Environmental protection: Huawei supports building a clean, efficient, low-carbon, and circular economy. Huawei is committed to minimizing its environmental impacts during its production and operations and throughout its product and service lifecycles. Huawei uses it innovative products and solutions to help industries conserve energy and reduce emissions, and contribute to a circular economy. The company makes ongoing efforts to work with all industry partners to build a low-carbon society. In 2018, Huawei used about 932 million kWh of electricity from clean energy sources, representing an emissions reduction of about 450,000 tons.

Healthy and harmonious ecosystem: Huawei steps up to its responsibilities as a corporate citizen, and works hand in hand with customers, employees, local communities, and industry partners to create a healthy and harmonious ecosystem. In 2018, Huawei organized 177 community support programs worldwide, to support local sustainable growth.

 Weekly electricity market update

There were no failures in the first two weeks of the liberalised market functioning, and all segments of the market operated properly. Even the emergency repairs at the first unit of the Zaporiz’ka NPP and a number of power units of TPPs (the fourth power unit of Vuglegirs’ka, the second and fourth power generating units of Trypils’ka and the eighth power unit of Dobrotvirs’ka TPP) did not cause market price increases on the Day Ahead Market (DAM). The nuclear power unit generation was quickly replaced by thermal generating units.

The average weighted market price on the DAM in the UES was 158 kop/kWh this week, which is 4 kop/kWh, or 2%, lower than last week's price. The average indicator by volume was 116 mln kWh per day. Burshtyn Island in the DAM traded normally with an average 9.7 mln kWh, the average price decreased by 2 kopecks per kWh (-1%) compared to last week's indicator.

Among the important events this week is the beginning of electricity imports from Belarus. DTEK continues importing from Slovakia as well. Import deliveries are an essential condition for shaping transparent competition on the Ukrainian electricity market. Electricity that DTEK imported from Slovakia was afterwards exported to Hungary.

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