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Pitched roof solar panel bracket for home system Specification

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Pitched roof solar panel bracket for home system

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How to Install Color Steel Roof Support


In the process of installation, the following points should be paid special attention to: (1) Purlins used as support must be on the same plane at the top, and their positions can be adjusted by slapping or relaxing according to the actual situation, so that this requirement can not be achieved by directly striking the lower part of the fixing bracket in an attempt to adjust the slope or position of the roof and correct the roof panel. Correct placement can ensure effective buckling. On the contrary, if the roof is not properly placed, it will affect the buckling effect of the roof, especially near the support center. (2) In order to avoid fan-shaped or scattered roof slabs due to improper construction or uneven lower edges of roofs, it is necessary to check whether the roof slabs are correct and to measure the distance between the upper and lower edges of the roof slabs and the gutter at any time so as to avoid the inclination of the roof slabs. (3) Immediately after installation, the metal debris left on the roof, such as drape debris, rivet rod pulling and discarded fasteners, will be cleared, because these metal debris will cause corrosion of the roof panel. Construction of enclosure, flooding and other accessories (1) Surface must be clean, flat, enclosure, flooding and other accessories neat, especially for the appearance of buildings.




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standardsAS/NZS 1170 & DIN 1055 & Other
MaterialAluminum alloy & Stainless steel
WarrantyTen years warranty
DuratiomMore than 20 years








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