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Our Product Advantage: 1. Easy installation, maximized pre-assembly, great savings on labor and cost. the structures of rails and girders are the same, ensure a shorter delivery. 2. Great Flexibility. no matter it's a few solar panel residential installation, framed photovoltaic modules can...

Product Details

Production Parameter
Product nameSolar Panel Flat Rooftop Structure Triangle Supporter Unique Design Easy Installation Solar Power EnergyVersatile Design Flat Rooftop Solar Mounting System Unique Triangular Supporters
ApplicationResidential pitched roof; Commercial flat roof and ground
OrientationLandscape& Portrait
Foundation Concrete block; roof
Tilt AngleUp to 60 degrees
Material Anodized aluminum
Warranty10 years

solar flat roof

Product Description 

Adjustable tilt triangle mounting structure Adjustable triangle mounting bracket is a newly developed product for flat rooftop installation more cost-effective than the traditional ballast mount. It can be installed on roof clamp or penetrate into concrete, or using concrete as ballast. Fold design allows easy transportation, cost-effective warehousing and easy mounting.

Technical data

· Application: Flat roof, open terrain

· Tilt angle:10,15,20°,30°

· Building height: Up to 20m

· Snow load: Up to 99cm

· Wind speed: Up to 60 m/s

· PV module: Framed, unframed

· Module orientation: Landscape, portrait

· Material: Anodized aluminum 6005 T5 stainless steel 304,410

· Warranty:12 years.

Our Services 

System Scheme 

Wanhos engineers design the mounting system in personalization, and provide professional proposal for your situation. We can design the most suitable layout drawing of modules array for customers.

Project Installation Wanhos highly respects customer's requirements with details, our professional engineers will provide customers detailed Installation Guide to make sure the solar mounts are correctly installed.

After Sales Service Wanhos will stay with you forever. We will offer you timely standard after-sale service and professional guidance with ur great technique and rich experiences.

Advantages as follow:

1.Flexible rooftop mount system.

2.Significant savings.

3.High module compatibility.

4.Static reliability.

5.Maximum service life.

6.Lower and Competitive price.

7.High strength and rust-resistance.

Q: What information do I need to give you?

A: For the detailed solution and quotation, we need some more details as below:

1. Panel Qty and dimension(length * width * thickness)

2. Panel tilt angle?

3. Max wind load? And snow load?

4. Lowet distance between panel and ground?

5. Any plan of layout? If not, you can offer one units as example for us to offer solution and quotation, or how about the ground size(length * width) then we will do the layout to you.

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