Yongxiang Polysilicon

- Oct 29, 2020-

    On October 25, the first batch of genuine materials from Yongxiang polysilicon reduction was successfully produced and reached the solar-grade super quality standard, marking that all staff of Yongxiang Polysilicon has worked day and night through 68 days to achieve safety, quality, and progress "three hundred percent", Successfully resumed full-line production.

Yongxiang polysilicon reduction hall is restored as new

    On August 18, Yongxiang Polysilicon suffered a severe flood that has not happened in a century. The company suffered serious losses and the production area and roads were covered with silt. In the face of the disaster, the company was united and sounded the horn of reconstruction. General Manager Du Bingsheng organized the cadres of various departments to hold a dredging work meeting overnight, and quickly set up an emergency command center the next day, urgently purchase all kinds of emergency supplies, on-site safety control, guarantee the temporary power use of the whole plant, formulate a preliminary plan for the restoration of faulty equipment, and organize office supplies, Handling damaged materials; various departments do not rely on the division of labor by territories, various professions and departments cooperate efficiently, strictly follow the list, and go all out to grab the prime time for cleaning and restoration work, and independently open the "5+2, white + black" "Mode, work in shifts, never sleep.

    On August 20, guarantee the temporary use of electricity; on the 22nd, the lights were turned on in the disaster area along the Wutong Bridge; on the 28th, industrial water was restored; on the 30th, the dredging work was completed; on September 2, the 220kv substation resumed operation; 29 On October 4, it passed the on-site inspection and acceptance by the municipal and district safety authorities and the hazardous chemical expert group; it took 45 days to reproduce the "garden-style" factory style; on October 4, the production resumed; on the 25th, the first batch of Yongxiang polysilicon The products are in compliance with the solar-grade super quality standards, achieving the phased goal of safe and stable one-time driving after the disaster.

    On the morning of October 26, accompanied by President Du and other leaders, Duan Yong, chairman, and general manager of Yongxiang Co., Ltd., conducted an in-depth inspection and guidance of the restoration system, and learned more about the progress of the post-disaster resumption of production and the quality of the first batch of products, and encouraged the cadres and employees of each section to continue to Do a good job of daily safety basic management and control, strengthen real-time monitoring and on-site management of key equipment, ensure the safe and stable continuous operation of equipment, and strengthen detailed control to help improve product quality.

    Duan Dong emphasized that safety is the prerequisite for all work, and we must continue to do a good job in safety and environmental protection as always, and continue green production. Under the premise of absolute safety, we will strengthen benchmarking, continue to meet new challenges with equipment reliability, and keep pace with new production capacity. I hope that all cadres and employees will continue to work hard, work with wisdom, and work with the spirit of seizing the day, set a good example for the development of new projects, and train and transport talents. Hand in hand, heart to heart, cheer up your spirits, turn pressure into motivation, and build Yongxiang into the world's best and most respectable company. Use time and results to prove yourself, run together, and never stop!