Let The PV Bracket And The Double Glass/double-sided Components

- Dec 07, 2018-

With the continuous downward adjustment of subsidies, the market demand for the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic modules has entered the state of just-needed, and the “efficient period” of component technology has been ushered in. Double-glass/double-sided components have emerged. As a result, the topics surrounding it have also increased, and the installation and fixing methods for double glass/double-sided have triggered discussion in the industry. Today, we will separately analyze the traditional and innovative double glass/double-sided component fixing methods to see how we can effectively realize the “double sword combination” of brackets and components to maximize the power generation gain. 

I. Traditional double glass component fixing method Double glass component is a photovoltaic module composed of two pieces of glass and battery. Since both sides are glass, the light transmittance is good. As far as the current market is concerned, the double glass/double-sided components conventionally adopt the following two fixing methods: 

The first fixing method: aluminum alloy briquetting + EPDM rubber (double-sided double-glass assembly)

According to the consolidation of many actual projects in the industry, the following two risks may exist: 

1: There are construction difficulties in the installation of briquettes, long-term safety hazards, rubber strip durability problems, etc.; Risk 2: Crush under high winds Part and component tear 

Second fixing method: component back hook (conventional double glass component) 

Risk of existence: back hook type installation is inconvenient, and is not suitable for double-sided components (the back has direct occlusion, as shown above Shown). 

CITIC Bo new energy innovative fixed way 

In response to the above various practical installation inconvenience, can not maximize the use of components on the back of the power generation and other issues, CITIC Bo New Energy independently developed for dual glass and double sided Patented four-point / six-point installation. 

For the installation of the four-point / six-point installation of double glass and double-sided. 

1. Design principle and cost advantage This article is based on six-point installation. The red frame is aluminum block, as shown in the left figure below. The new design component installation method is to cancel the external pressure block at the position where the conventional component is installed. Directly using 6 or 4 aluminum blocks, using the processing technology of the traditional aluminum alloy frame assembly, the components are directly glued to the installation position of the long frame of the assembly before being produced. In this way, by adjusting the back strap of the component, the fixing manner and the relative position of the main beam, the back of the component can be maximally unobstructed, the synergy of the double-sided component is maximized, and the reliability is high, and the saving of 0.1 yuan/W can be achieved. Border cost. Not only that, because the briquettes are pre-installed at the factory (see right), making the on-site installation of the components quick and easy, reducing project labor costs. 

2. Structural principle and installation advantage 

The four-point/six-point installation method of the patent is to use bolts and component mounting clamps. The component position is outside the width of the stringer, and the height of the component is set 

slightly higher than (see Figure a and Figure b). The bottom of the clamp block adopts a hexagonal quick-installing notch. When installing, the hexagonal bolt head is placed in the pressure block slot, and the sliding bolt enters the inner cavity of the pressure block and slides to the designated position (see Figure c and Figure d). Due to the relative size of the inner cavity, the installation of the component can be completed only by using a wrench on one side during installation, which is more convenient to install than the conventional clamp. 

3. Component installation principle and advantages 

According to the actual needs of the project, it can be installed in both horizontal and vertical directions. It can be compatible with the back lighting design requirements of double-sided components in addition to the standard double-glass assembly installation. And all bonding work is done at the component factory. 

At present, the combination of the four-point/six-point installation and the double-glass/double-sided assembly developed by CITIC Bo has attracted many project investors' consultations. If you are interested, please come to CITIC Bo Factory to get a closer look.