solar bracket and component installation instructions

- Nov 07, 2018-

In the winter, the smog has been repeated, and environmental issues have been taken seriously by the public. Distributed solar bracket are popular among the people because of the characteristics of energy saving and emission reduction. However, due to the installation of some informal enterprises in the distributed solar market, the amount of solar power generation is greatly reduced. Therefore, professional construction operations can maximize the effect of solars! 

Today Yatan Xinneng lecture hall, President Chen and everyone share the guidance of solar brackets and components installation work. 

I. Installation preparation 

Have a good start is half the success. The complete installation preparation work in the early stage can facilitate the subsequent construction and installation. What are the specific preparations for the pre-installation? 

1. Install the technical installations for the installers 

2. Set up the unloading at the corresponding position on each roof. Platforms and personnel walkways, laying bulk channels on the roof to avoid damage to the roof. Clean the roof drainage system to avoid unsatisfactory water flow during the rainy season and cause unnecessary losses. 

3, verify the roof before construction, if the encounter and design does not meet, according to the design and design of the bottom to adjust accordingly. The payout is measured according to the baseline position identified in the design drawing and the direction of the right angle of each square is controlled. 

4, accounting design drawings, calculate the use of bracket rails, accessories and components in each area, according to the number of areas and construction process in batches. 

5, the appearance of the solar bracket and the protective layer should be intact, remove the sand, dust and stains on the bracket components, and keep the bracket components dry and tidy. 

6. Check the solar bracket member for obvious bending deformation. It is forbidden to use components that do not meet the installation requirements. 

7, After the solar brackets and components are transported to the roof according to the usage of each area, the personnel are arranged in time to be dispersed.

 Second, the bracket and component installation 

Ready, it began to the main event, the installation of brackets and components. 

1. Installation of solar bracket

1 In accordance with the oblique beam → diagonal bracing → → → pull rods, the installation of the rafters should be installed in the order of the middle section → the two ends section → the rafter connection. After the rafter is installed, check each rafter. The degree of curvature of each straddle must not exceed 1 mm. 

2 After completing a set of brackets, perform an accurate check of the position of the bracket. The calibration method of the bracket is to first accurately check the column of the bracket as the reference frame, and then check the reference frame as the quasi-core, check the tightening condition of the bolt during the check process, and if necessary, perform the second fastening to Ensure the overall stability of the bracket. 

3 bracket installation verticality and angle should meet the following requirements 

2, component installation 

1 component after the box check: 

a. After opening the box, first check the components from the side for damage. If there is any damage, please inform the material department of the project department and hand it over to the material staff. 

b. When transporting components, it is necessary to check whether the glass on the front and back of each component has chipping, cornering or cracking; check the junction box for degumming, loosening or falling off; check the PV cable and male and female heads for extrusion deformation. Or broken. If the above phenomenon occurs, the components should be properly placed aside. When placing, avoid secondary damage to the components. It is strictly forbidden to transport the damaged components to the construction site. At the same time of discovering the above problems, the project staff should be informed in time and handed over to the material staff. 

2 PV module installation 

a.Solar panel installation 

The battery panel should be handled lightly during transportation, no strong impact and vibration, no heavy pressure; installation of the panel should be from the bottom On the first, block-by-block installation, the installation process must be handled gently to avoid damage to the surface of the protective glass; the installation of the panel must be horizontal and vertical, the spacing of the panels in the same array is consistent; pay attention to the direction of the junction box of the panel. 

b.The battery board is fixed 

The battery board is fixed on the guide rail by the clamp. In order to ensure the adjustable margin of the clamp and the component, the connection bolt must not be tightened. 

c.Battery board wiring 

According to the design drawings to determine the wiring mode of the battery board; battery board wiring should meet the requirements of the design drawings; wiring is used by the battery board manufacturer to supply plug connectors, the wiring should be careful not to The positive and negative poles are reversed to ensure correct wiring. After each string of battery boards is connected, check whether the open circuit voltage of the battery board string is correct. After the connection is correct, disconnect the wiring of one battery board to ensure the safe operation of the subsequent process.

d. Install the coarse adjustment. 

The line position of each line of components should be placed, and the line should be parallel to the center line of the string. During the installation process, it must be handled gently to avoid damage to the glass surface. The construction personnel should not step on the components during the installation of the components. During the installation and movement of the components, the wires should not be pulled. The components should be installed from bottom to top, block by block, and tighten the clamp bolts. When the component is installed, it must be horizontal and vertical according to the pay-off rope. When installing, pay attention to the component junction box at the upper end of the group price. 

e. Accurate leveling of the component mounting surface. 

Adjust the flatness of the two components in each row so that the upper surface is on the same plane and check the parallelism of the bottom edge of each row of components. Tighten all bolts. 

III. Grounding of the guide rail 

The grounding of the guide rail in the project is an important part to ensure the safety of the project. 

Components, rails and fixtures should be reliably connected. The guide rails of each component square must be grounded with flat steel, bolted, and connected to the factory grounding system.