What are the professional photovoltaic bracket accessories?

- Dec 10, 2018-

The flexible photovoltaic support will be more suitable for a variety of large-span applications such as ordinary mountain, barren slope, pool fish pond and forest land, and does not affect crop planting and fish farming. The flexible photovoltaic support is organically matched with Zui's new photovoltaic components and intelligent power generation equipment. The overall reliability of the power station will be improved, the safety performance will be better, the applicable environmental capability will be enhanced, the copyability will be improved, and the application will be more convenient. Strong wind resistance. Flexible photovoltaic supports, component systems and special component connectors have passed the wind tunnel test of China Aerospace Aerodynamics Research Institute (anti-super typhoon 16). The last time I mentioned that the PV bracket is very useful, but what kind of bracket is good, what is the special solar photovoltaic bracket made of raw materials.


In addition, double-sided channel steels used to withstand large loads must be back-to-back welded. There is a large gap between the various welding processes. Pressure laser welding can ensure uniform connection of the whole section, and the two channel steels are completely integrated into one force, and the electric welding technology can only fix the two channel parts together, and the force form is closer to the laminated beam. In order to improve the bearing capacity, some steels have also added cold rolling of stiffeners to the channel steel. In short, there are many technical difficulties in the production process of assembled steel brackets, which requires metallurgical engineering technicians to overcome technical barriers and further reduce their use costs. The cost of decrypting a fixed photovoltaic support, as the name implies, refers to a bracket system in which the orientation, angle, etc. remain unchanged after installation. Fixed installation directly directs solar PV modules towards low latitudes.


Large-scale ground-based photovoltaic systems, common large-scale ground-based photovoltaic systems generally use a concrete strip (block) foundation form (special foundation conditions need to consult professional soil mechanics designers). Large-scale ground-based photovoltaic system support features: fast su installation and large-scale ground-based photovoltaic system power plant construction progress, flexible and variable adjustment form to meet the complex and variable requirements of the construction site, streamline the number of accessories to facilitate on-site workers identification installation. Anti-corrosion requirements: steel components are protected by a metal protective layer. The steel structure brackets are all hot-dip galvanized coating, and the hot-dip galvanizing shall meet the relevant requirements of the technical requirements and experimental methods for hot-dip galvanizing of metal-clad steel parts (GB/T13912-2002), galvanized layer Thickness is not less than 80m