Solar System Ground Mount

solar system ground mount

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Product Description 

Standard ground(Pre-assembly/Easy nstallation)

Solar Ground Mounting System Accept Preassembly Shipping For Less Imstallation Costs A-Type: Competitive price, and suitable for cases below 700mm fron the ground.

N-Type: Adjiustable, and suitable for cases above 700mm from the groupd W-Type: Stable, solid suitable for most cases and mainly usedin the strong wind and snowy areas.

Easy Installation 

The pre-assembled design of the highest level in factory simplifies construction site work to the largestdegree and therefore installation is simple and quick. It can effectively improve construction efficiency, shorten construction period and reduce construction costs.

Flexible and Stable 

The PV-Terrain A, with its fully adjustable design, maximumly absorbs the size error caused by the construction, and guarantees the stability and beauty of PV matrix structure.

High Accuracy of Construction 

The use of the corresponding color markers achieves a simple and effective installation guidance that can to much extent replaces installation instruction and reduces the construction error rate.

Extraordinarily Environment-friendly Performance 

All materials can be 100% recycled, and no waste is generated, which fully embodies the concept of energy saving and environmental protection of solar photovoltaic power generating system.

InstalltionFlat terrain
Moudule DirectionLandscape portrait
Snow load1.4KN/㎡
Wind load<42m/s
Panel typeFrame frameless
LayoutAccording to requirement
Sheet height>0.6m
Load TestingJIS 8955:2011 DIN1065 ASCE_7-05 AS NZS1170
ColorNatural requirement
Warranty10 years



Free Design 

Necessary info. for us to design and quote

1. What is your pv panels dimension?

mm Length xmm WidthxmmThickness

2. How many panel are you going to mount?


3. What is your planned panel layout?

Nos. in a rowxNos. in a column

4. How is weather there, such as wind speed and snow load?

m/s anit-wind speed andKN/m2 snow load

5. May I know the tilt angle you need?


6. Do you have any special requirement on ground/flat roof clearance?

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