Pile Ground Mounting System For Open Field

Pile gound systom is appliod for large commercial and utity PV systems on non-sandy ground, suitable for both framed and frameless module instalation. In ple ground system, open post can be piledinto ground 1-2 meters by pile madtine quckly. then esasly mounting the pre-assembled Al-Beam structure, ER rail with cdamps. Our misssion is to simplity your installation and ensure the structure safety. Wanhos Solar, your best choice.
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High quality solar pile ground solar structure mounting system

Wanhos Pile Ground mounting Systerm is applied for large slar projects installation on a non-sandy group. For Wanhos Pile Group Mounting Systerm, the C post can be easily rammed into the ground 1~2 meters by pile Machine, then you can mount the pre-assembled beam structure and other mounts easily.

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  • What is your pv panels dimension?

  • How many panels you are going to mount?

  • What is your planned panel layout? ________Nos. in a row

  • How is wind speed and snow load?___m/s anit-wind speed and____KN/m2 snow load

  • Do you have any special requirement on ground/flat roof clearance?

  • May I know the tilt angle you need?________degree


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