Agriculture Solar Mounting Ground System

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aluminum ground structure


Solar photovoltaic greenhouses promote agricultural development

Function 1: It can fully realize the effective complementarity of photovoltaic power generation.

If solar photovoltaic supports are used for agricultural production, the majority of farmers can use the greenhouse lighting resources to achieve complementary photovoltaic power generation according to the growth characteristics of greenhouse crops, which is convenient for normal production needs.

Function 2: After the solar photovoltaic support is applied on the agricultural greenhouse, it can effectively provide agricultural output efficiency.

After the solar photovoltaic support is used in the agricultural greenhouse, as long as it can pay attention to the reasonable layout of the light transmission area, it will not affect the normal growth of the crop; secondly, the majority of farmers can also increase the illumination according to the equipment, while also obtaining power resources. It has also improved the efficiency of agricultural output.

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