Stainless Steel Grounding Clip For Solar

Material:Stainless Steel 304
Installation Site:Mid clamp
Certificate:AS/NZS 1170/SGS/ISO9001/TUV
Lead Time:Within 7-15 days
Warranty:10 years
Duration: More than 20 years

Product Details

Stainless Steel Grounding Clip for Solar Racking Manufacturers


Product Description

Model : PV-Grounding-Electrical-Clips

Wanhos  earthing clip eliminates the need for older, more costly grounding methods and greatly reduce the amount of labor and materials used in installations.

The innovative design removes the need to run ground wire to each individual module and eliminates the need for surface preparation on anodized aluminum components.

The grounding clips are placed between PV modules and mounting rails at clamping points when install. the grounding clips' specialized teeth embed into anodized aluminum rail. 





This electrical clip is very important for earthing . It’s connected PV modules with rails to ground for electrical safety .

Solar grounding clips can protect solar mounting system equipments like : inverters, PV modules, controllers, refrigerators, lighting fixtures .. from damaging of grounding and lightning .

Solar grounding clip can provide a continuous earthing on roof / ground mounting solar systems. The four spur holes can penetrate surfaces of aluminum rails and creat good electric conduction well . It’s designed to be used with zinc coated lugs .

Product Show

Solar Panel Earthing Clips are designed to penetrate the anodized films between solar mounting accessory and solar pv panel, which made the  solar mounting conductive. There are ribs in four direction to penetrate anodized films to ceate grounding path through rail, which will make the solar system more save, it is necessary mounting component for solar panel system installation. 

Grounding clip_副本

Product Application

Solar Panel earthing clips are used with mid clamp, it is forced to penetrate the anodized film when tighten the bolt on the mid clamp. The electrical earthing part is created.

Grounding clip4_.jpg



  • Good safety kit for protecting solar mounting system from lightning and electrical surges ;

  • Embed into aluminum / steel with teeth ;

  • Gas tight ecectrical connecting with our grounding washers;

  • Anti corrosion , rusty resistant .


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