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Factory Galvanized PVC or Powder coated Wire Mesh Fence Customization Available

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WELDED MESH FENCE It is one kind of the welded mesh fences, formed by the iron wires, electronic galvanized wires, or hot dipped galvanized wires , which are joined together welding the wires through welded mesh machine, and then bended into suitable angle in bending mesh machine Afterbending, there will be some more extra process such as powder coating, PVC coating etc. Welded mesh fencing are usually used in combination with peach post, square post or round post. Customers can ohoose one of them by their preference.

CHAIN LINK FENCE Chain link fence is practioal in lots of situations It has many advantages over similar fences. For example, its easy to install and has a effective cost. This kind of fence widely used for both residential and commercial field, such as schoolyards, industral property, tennis courts, baseball felds, residential yards and so on.

358 FENCE Anti-climb Fence (also named 358 high security fence)is a welded mesh system offering one of the most effective means of providing ahigh degree of physical perimeter protection 1/2"×3 mesh opening is the unique design in the produots Fingers or wire cutter is unable to insert into the mesh hole It is suitable for anywhere requiring anti-olimbed and anti-out and mainly used for decoration and seourity of industry agriculture,prison, govemment facilities,transport and other fields.

TEMPORARY FENCE Temporary Fencing is a self-supporting fence,which is suitable for temporary ocoasion such as construction site,festival,activity, gathering,game,etc Mesh panels are connected by clamps and removable feet,which makes temporary fence easy to install and relocate.

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Q:|1. How can I repair galvanizing that has been cut or damaged?

Most repairs can be touched up by using paints containing zinc dust, sprayed zinc or A: zinc based solder.

Q:|2. Can galvanized iron or steel be painted?

A: Yes, using proven paint systems including a pretreatment primer or self primer.

Q:|3. Does hot dip galvanizing affect the weight of my material?

A: Yes, the coating will add up to 10% additional weight.

Q:4. Does your company can produce other specification?

A: Yes, we can manufacture the fence according to customer's request.

Q:|5. How long warranty does your company can provided for fence product?

Our product can last for 20 years at least. Usually we will provide 3-5 years A: guarantee.

Q:|6. What about the delivery time?

A: About 30 days, but will depends on order quantity.

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