Anti-rust Solar Mounting With Cable Clips

Wanhos Solar Cable Clips

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Anti-rust solar mounting with cable clips 

Wanhos Solar Cable Clips simplify cable management and create a cleaner aesthetic to solar PV arrays. 

The clips are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel and are designed to prevent damage to cable insulation, even under extreme climatic conditions, a long-time, reliable and professional cable fastening to the solar panel frame. We promise a 10 years warranty and more than 20 years duration. 

The design is easy to install and remove with a flat head screwdriver and can be reused, cable clips can be used in wide variety of mounting configurations for module and rail applications. Customs designs and package available upon request for OEM. 

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Wanhos Solar Panel Cable Clips provide cable management options for bundling and harnessing solar panel solar wire anywhere between the panels to the inverter.


Solar Panel Cable Clips Specification



Spezial features are:

  • Accommodates up to two cables with outside diameters of 5 mm to 7 mm

  • Can be installed on frame thicknesses between 1.5 mm to 2 mm

  • Attaches to the solar panel frame in up to four orientations

  • Flared edges help prevent damage to the cable’s insulation

  • Provides a long-term, reliable installation

  • Specially engineered gripping tabs will not damage anodizing on aluminum channels

  • Fnish for superior corrosion protection

  • Retains shape during installation to prevent loose cables and allows re-positioning

  • Easy to install, no tools needed

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The universal solar cable clip, is a versatile clip that is used to position power transmission cables on solar arrays. It is made of a high-strength steel and features flared edges surrounding the cablecarrying area to help prevent damage to the cable’s insulation. 

This low-profile, multi-functional cable clip provides a long-term, reliable installation by attaching to each side of the solar panel frame in up to four different orientations. No tools are required for installation.

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