Solar Pv Carport Structures Design

Solar pv waterproof carport

Product Details

*As a carport, it can protect vehicles from rain and the harsh effects of the sun.

*As a Solar Power source, it can charge electric vehicles or provide direct power to offices, retail, residential or the grid.

*Barrier-free design. Our designs allow vehicles to enter and exit the parking space freely without fear of nudging the support structure.

*Advertising can be easily attached to the structure creating an additional source of revenue.

For example, advertising banners in shopping centers. 

solar carport

solar carport

1,High waterproof performance

we use mechanical waterproofing technology with special track hanging waterproofing board,which can protect vehicles from rain and sunshine perfectly.

2,Flexible and Stable

The CARPORT, with its fully adjustable design, maximally absorbs the size error caused by the construction, and guarantees the stability and beauty of PV matrix structure.

3,High Accuracy of Construction

The use of the corresponding color markers achieves a simple and effective installation guidance that can to much extent replaces installation instruction and reduces the construction error rate.

4,Extraordinarily Environment-friendly Performance

All materials can be 100% recycled, and no waste is generated, which fully embodies the concept of energy saving and environmental protection of solar photovoltaic power generating system.

5,Superb Quality 

All raw materials of components are made of aluminum (anodized 6005-T5) and stainless steel (SUS304), which reach the maximum degree of product's weather resistance and the stability of the structure. The CARPORT, through reliable mechanical analysis and static load test, combines the theory and practice-related data to ensure stability and safety performance of the structure.

6,Range of Application

Inconsideration of various factors like stability and economy of installation, we suggest you choose CARPORT when there quire mentis ground clearance over 0.6m, horizontally less than 3 sections and vertically less than 2 sections. 

Nessary info. for us to design and quote

What is your pv panels dimension?___mm Length x___mm Width x__mm Thickness

How many panel are you going to mount? _______Nos.

What's the tilt angle?____degree

What is your planned pv assmebly block? ________Nos. in a row

How is weather there,such as wind speed and snow load?
___m/s anit-wind speed and____KN/m2 snow load.

What's the ground clearancemin height from panel bottom to the ground)?

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