Solar Carport Canopy

Waterproof Solar carport

Product Details

solar pole system

lnstall SiteOutside
Max wind speedup to 42 m/s
Max snow loadup to 1.4KN/m2
Installation angle5-15 deg
Span (E-W)5000mm
Standard ground clearance2500mm
Panel ArrayLandscape
Warranty10 years

Solar Carport Canopy

AL6005-T5 Solar Energy Car Carport systemAL6005-T5 Solar Energy Car Carport system

Our Details

Water-proof rubber tape

AL6005-T5 Solar Energy Car Carport system

Mid connecting strip(Equivalent to medium pressure)

AL6005-T5 Solar Energy Car Carport system

Our Product Advantage:

1. Easy installation, maximized pre-assembly, great savings on labor and cost. the structures of rails and girders are the same, ensure a shorter delivery.

2. Great Flexibility. no matter it's a few solar panel residential installation, framed photovoltaic modules can be easily deployed.

3. Excellent Compatibility, designed as a universal racking system, framed modules from all the popular manufactures can be used.

4. Excellent Adaptability, the angle of the rails has been designed to maximum the harveast of solar power according to your local latitude.

5. Engineered To High Standards, all aluminum design, excellent endurance, the high corrosion resistance guarantees the maximum possible lifespan and is also completely recyclable.

AL6005-T5 Solar Energy Car Carport system

Carport mounting system adopts high-strength AL6005-T5, some components are pre-assembled in factory, so that to reduce larbor costs and construction time on site.

Our Feature

1. Excellent water-proof performance

2. High anti-corrosive property, light and high intensity

3. Build on parking lot, saving land resources

4. Customized



The Aluminum mountings made by WANHOS facility is popular welcome in market.

Our Advantage:

-Easy installation & Maintenance-Affordable Competitively priced

-High quality & Best Service

-Professional Engineering Support


Q1: Is your company a factory or trading company?

A: Our company are specialized in the designing and manfacturing the solar mounting system with 20 yearsprofessional experience.

Q2: What's the mini. order about your products?

A: For the first order, we don't restrict a certain mini. order, it depends on your project.

Q3: What's the price of your products?

A: It depends on the project, the price in the website can be for your reference, for the detailed price, we need more data to design the solar mounting system, and offer you the price.

Q4. What is the material of the system?

Aluminum alloy AL6005-T5 or Hot Dipped galvanized steel.

Q5. What is the type of system foundation?

A: Available with Concrete or ground screw designs 

Q6. What is the MOQ?

A: More than 10kw system 

Q7. What is the production period?

A: It takes within 7-15days atfter the advance payment.

Q8. How many cars does one single system fit?

A: Always depending on customers' requirements. Standard system is 1 car,2 cars,4 cars,8 cars,10 cars or more.

If you have never had the chance to install and test the WANHOS framing system, reach out for me for further information, pricing & sample!

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